A big value at The Bridge Church 

is what we call 

“Missional Efficiency”.

We are a church on a mission,

the mission of Jesus, which is to seek 

and to save the lost, those who need

our help to find their way back to God. 

We want to do this as efficiently as 

possible, not wasting the money God 

entrusts to us on bigger and more 

ornate buildings, but simplifying 

where we meet to accomplish our 

mission as effectively and frugally

as possible.


Likewise, sharing a facility

with another church and meeting in 

the evening at 5pm makes a lot of sense

in that most church buildings are used for

two hours a week with the building hardly 

been used the rest of the week.

And to be honest, most people donʼt have

a chance to sleep in and rest anymore so

we love sleeping in on Sunday mornings!

 The true church of Jesus has always been 

flexible, adaptable, and oftentimes mobile, 

 meeting where ever they could find

space. Again this is a high value to us so

we are pretty sure we're not going to have

a building campaign anytime soon!

We look forward to your visit!

  Sunday's @ 5:00pm