As The Bridge was being established, our leadership team realized that God had given us certain strengths and governing

principles that we really felt passionate about. So, we set out to put words to those passions and compiled our list of core values. These serve as the guiding principles for our ministry and help to shape almost everything we do. They give our Leadership team something to model and attendees something to be encouraged by. 

We have identified these 6 unique values of The Bridge as follows:

B OLD, faith-filled, big-thinking, bet the farm risk takers

We will not insult God with safe-living and will do anything short of sin to reach people who are far from God. (Matt. 25)

R ADICALLY outward-focused

We reject inwardness and cliquish behavior that is often linked to church. We are the church and do not exist for ourselves but for a world that is lost, without hope and without God. 
(Luke 19)

i NVESTORS in the Kingdom of God

We consider it an honor to sacrifice for the cause of helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ. (Matt. 6)

D EDICATED to honoring relationships

We speak positively to and about each other.  If something comes up, we deal with it honorably and biblically, Always seeking to preserve the unity of the body of Christ. 
(Matt. 18, Eph 4)

G RACE-filled and mercy-driven

We reject no one and trust the Holy Spirit to change lives as people are exposed to the Word of God in an atmosphere of grace, mercy and acceptance.


We always bring our best because we believe that excellence honors God and inspires people.